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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

FIT ESIC, MEMORIS and PIXELIUS are merging under the name of GEOFIT


More modern and better suited to our customers’ needs, this name reflects a new momentum: to facilitate the relationship between our trade names and know-how, by merging our companies under one single entity


9 janvier 2017

Lettre API
11 janvier 2017

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And the winner is….The cartographic portal for the services provided by the City of Niort won the FIG 2013’s Special Prize of the Jury

Since 2011, the website has allowed Niort citizens to be informed thanks to an interactive portal which gathers all administrative, social, cultural… up-to-date information. has also an interactive city map.

This portal has been designed and implemented by the company Memoris with ArcGIS Server 10.1 / Oracle.

Launching of the PPIGE platform geo catalog

The PPIGE platform geocatalog (, based on Open Source Chinook framework) has been lately launched.
It was designed with ISOGEO tools and interfaced with the Drupal CMS (implemented with the company Linalis).

Its purpose is to list, describe and inform people about the existing regional public geographical data and especially the PPIGE and its partners’ ones.

More information on

Memoris develops the national Geographic Institute geoportal of Mali

Memoris with IGN France International won the international bid concerning the revision of all maps (scale 1/200 000) of the country and thus started recently the building of the national Geographic Institute geo portal.

In Mali, the sharing of public data is now considered as an essential challenge for both citizen and local elected representatives. Indeed they all must be informed of national policies and associated in them, in order to join them.

This challenge is reinforced by the works and moreover the conclusions of the Mali National Policy for Geographic Information (PNIG). After a meeting and an agreement between all national bodies which produce geographic information (MGI, Hydraulics, Roads, Water&Forests, Mines, statistics…), the PNIG gave a federative role to topographical maps. They now represent the common geometric data repository and the very basis of the data, what can be compared to the foundations of a building. The PNIG also stresses the necessity of having homogeneous data, producing metadata and sharing resources « partnership for the sharing and the easy access to spatial data and geographic information will be the very basis for all partners to work together”.

The MGI geoportal will thus be built thanks to Chinook Open Source with data built on a processing chain made of ArcGIS posts for Desktop and centralized into an Oracle base.

The Nord-Pas de Calais Region opens ARCH portal

The Nord-Pas de Calais Region launched its portal called ARCH, dedicated to services for environmental analysis.

Memoris built the ARCH portal with the Open Source Chinook framework, which has been already used by the Geographic Information and Spatial Analysis Department for its portal called SIGALE® for the Regional Council Nord-Pas de Calais (

Both portals are totally interchangeable as the INSPIRE Directive requires. The web site uses and spreads ARCH data and allows to generate reports about the impact of a project on environment.

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