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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


business tradeMemoris, a subsidiary of FIT Group, is a consulting engineering group providing expertise and services towards Land and Infrastructure, development, implementation and management  with 560 employees, and a turnover of 43M€.

Memoris is involved in the design, implementation and deployment of information systems and geo-solutions, supported by domain expertise available within the other sisters companies of FIT Group, ie. cadastre, urban planning, spatial planning, real estate, environment, land use, land development, land rights, infrastructure, utility networks (water, sanitation, electricity, gas, telecommunications, heating, transportation ...).

Memoris relies on a strong spatial and technical data expertise, user needs analysis, assessment and understanding of business and domain expertise oriented approach.

business tradeMemoris designs and setup geographic databases and maps, develops customized software and tailored applications oriented towards mapping and Geographic Information Systems. Our technical solutions integrate existing environments (DBMS, business applications, data mapping, GIS) while combining open source components (duly tested and validated in terms of integration) or software editors. The solutions thus developed, provides the best performance guarantees and safety in a cost effective way (value for money).

Memoris proposes its services towards design and implementation of GIS platform and deployment of interactive mapping solutions to:

  • Answer all operational requirements listed in the customer specifications
  • Propose an efficient, scalable, sustainable, reliable solution, tailored to customer needs
  • Propose a solution based on various environments compatible with your existing tools, applications and data,
  • Provide associated services (methodological assistance, data integration, installation, training, documentation, maintenance)

Memoris Activities

Through its holistic approach, MEMORIS benefits from a unique and demonstrated experiences to all components of information systems: data, technology, organization and capacity building.

Engineering Data

  • Alphanumeric data acquisition and mapping;
  • Structured databases;
  • Data Integration and migration in Geographic Information Systems (GIS);
  • Cartography.

Software development

  • Design, development, deployment of alphanumeric and cartographic databases
    Complete application (GIS technical databases, applications, and Web services ...)
  • Design, development and deplyement of geoportals,
  • Turnkey solutions related to various domain of expertise (Land Information System, Urban Information Systems, etc.).

Training and technical assistance

  • Review of existing situation, evaluations and recommandations
  • User need appraisal,functionnal and technical spccifications definition
  • Functional and institutional analysis of the project
  • Support to bidding process and selection of best value proposal
  • GIS and IS supervision
  • Training and transfer of know-how
  • Advice, assistance, maintenance, outsourcing services and data hosting.



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