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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Quality certification

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After hiring a quality action in 2006 under the quality certification FIT group, all group companies have been audited by AFAQ-AFNOR end of June 2007 and obtained the certification ISO 9001 - version 2008.

This certification that was renewed in June 2009 and June 2011, attests to the quality of the processes defined and applied in the FIT group and especially within Memoris, both in terms of organization but in the mastery of technologies for the provision of services and quality products. Through the business plan ODAS (Open, Development, Future, Synergy), the certification objectives were to improve the organization and functioning of the company.

Memoris now has the entire organization needed to meet the requirements of its customers in an international dimension.

Since its inception in January 2004, Memoris has always put quality at the heart of its concerns in its activities, both for quality control of the data generated in response to binding specifications, or implementation information systems adapted to the constraints of sustainable operations of its clients.

In 2011, the FIT Group is committed to the safety and environmental certification, these efforts led to the end of 2011 certifications:

    •    OHSAS 18001 for Health and Safety at Work
    •    ISO 14001 Environment

This results in the following actions:
Health Safety (OHS)

    •    Risk identification (field office)
    •    Risk rating (frequency, severity)
    •    Identifying some priorities
    •    Choice of actions to take: mostly by raising awareness, informing employees
    •    Writing sheets risks
    •    Evaluation of regulatory compliance laws texts

In Environment:

    •    Environmental Analysis
    •    Environmental risk rating
    •    Choice of actions to take: energy consumption, waste sorting, sustainable procurement ...
    •    Assessment of Regulatory Compliance



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