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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Memoris has expertise and references in the following business areas:

Utilities and communication
  • Utilities and communication (Water, Wastewater, Power, Gas, pipeline, telecommunication)
    This is a key sector of expertise for Memoris, and an important business share of the company. Memoris is involved since 2005 in several major Utility GIS project in France (SEDIF - Ile-de-France Regional Water Authority, French National Gaz, etc.), and abroad (National Tunisian Water Authority GIS, Bulgarian National Electricity transmission company, etc.). Local or National Utilities Operators are facing more more challenges to enhance their performance, improve their services delivery to customers, and better manage their networks and optimize their asset maintenance. Quick, reliable, efficient, sharable access to spatial data is a top priority, being nowadays one of the keys to increase and improve performance, decisions making, customer satisfactions. Memoris, provides tailored geospatial based solutions to better use and benefit from their geographical data asset, enlarging their capacities of management, planning, anticipation and maintenance from the field workers to the top decision makers. Memoris expertise combines Utilities experience with expert GIS and Business Analytics skills, clubbed to enable our clients to become more efficient with better control and competitive cost.
  • Government (Spatial Planning, Urban and regional Planning, Land Administration).
    Today’s Regional as well as Metropolitan challenges demand coordinated responses. Public agencies require affordable solutions that bring about lasting change for communities. Private sector investors want to create valuable projects with sustained returns. Memoris hold both a unique experience in Urban Planning and Urban GIS platform development towards Master plan revision/adaptation, Structure Development Plan and City strategy design, and long term land use management, building By-laws enforcements, and detailed Urban Planning Plans, both for informal and planned districts all over the world. Since, it creation, Memoris is involved in many projects related to Spatial Planning at various scales (National, regional, local), mobilizing its know how to design and development Spatial Data Infrastructure oriented towards territorial administration (Land use management tools), monitoring (Remote sensing and diachronic dynamic mapping). It benefits from an excellent track of records, having implemented projects in France, Europe, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldives, North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia), Western Africa (Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, etc.), Central Africa (Chad, Cameroun, …), eastern Africa (Burundi, Madagascar & french overseas territories, etc.), south America (Colombia).
    Moreover, Memoris along with FIT Conseil, french leader in the land surveying activities, its sister company, are currently involved in major property rights and land administration projects. Memoris is carrying the development of open source Land Information System (LIS) to support farmers’ claims for land rights as well as Local authority in helping them in a step by step approach to deliver the land allocation. Finally Memoris, has been part of the French National Land Parcels data base development and implantation, both as software architect and cadaster data acquisition and migration key player. Indeed, since 2005 Memoris has digitized over 5 Million cadastral parcels in France, offering solutions to integrate data from multiple sources, and enable the exchange of land records data in a systematic and efficient manner for macro level planning.
Natural Resources
  • Natural Resources
    Population growth, rapid urbanization, industrialization, deforestation, natural resources stress and climate change are putting increasing pressure on the environment making an effective use of information on land use compulsory for any decision making body. In addition, the amount of information that must be managed is on the increase, and the technology required to manage information is rapidly changing. In that perspective, Memoris supported by ultimate airborne technologies (Lidar, Multispectral sensors, Bathymetric LIDAR, Thermo Sensors unmanned Aircraft systems)  available through Fit Conseil and FIT ESIC, its sisters companies, along with its Remote  sensing production team is providing GIS and dedicated mapping services to establish the link from environmental technical know-how to suitable maps and geo solutions.
    Memoris has achieved recently the climate change Geo-portal for the Republic of Maldives, providing to the Maldivian administration, an environmental spatial repository, combining indicators of climate change (Coral reef monitoring, sea surge, erosion…).
  • Construction and public works
    Projects construction companies require more and more spatial enabling solutions, and manage geographical data. Currently the Construction sector is considering to migrate their CAD data towards geo-reference framework, to ensure a global integration of their project in its global environment, as well as improving on the long run the construction maintenance.
Construction and public works
  • Business (Real Estate)
    Administrations (schools, universities), Major real estate players especially in the social housing domain are all concerned and mobilized to improve the management of their physical asset (Buildings and infrastructure), and to optimize, plan and anticipate their ability to main. This can be accomplished through a cross-functional visibility of information that fosters effective collaboration. Memoris proposes its services to design, create databases to enhance the daily management of the physical building assets. From data acquisition, digitization and integration of building plans, to development of dedicated GIS applications to ensure that the decision makers as well as the field teams are aware and inform of the asset conditions and of the necessary maintenance and reparation which needs to be done.
  • Transport Infrastructure
    Memoris offers assistance to key transport players in France and abroad, in providing services towards technical spatial data engineering, to collect, acquire, update and structure their asset data. Memoris has been especially involved during the past ten years with Réseau Ferré de France (owner and manager of the French railway netwok)  in building up and strengthening their GIS.
Transport Infrastructure
Risk Management
  • Risk Management
    The vulnerability of people and property to major hazards is constantly increasing in the world. In 2012, 231natural disasters (floods, hurricanes Sandy, earthquakes, land movement, etc.) hit the planet, affecting around 87 million people around the world and an economic loss estimated at 44,6 billion dollars. Of natural but also sometimes technological origin,  these events raise questions about collective security and cause direct or indirect damage to property, infrastructure, economic activity and the environment.
    The increase in extreme events as a result of climate change is only one explanation. The number of people affected and the cost of damage have been increasing regularly for the last 20 years.
    This is principally due to the considerable increase in urbanization and the value of exposed property in area subject to dangerous hazards, but also to increasing urban fragility linked to the interdependence of systems and networks.
    Urban sprawl, new urban settlements in risk prone areas (natural or industrial) are rapid phenomena that are not reflected in conventional cartography.
    Memoris accurate geospatial data & specialised GIS tools, which are key elements for improved predictions and better risk-based decisions worldwide, include:
        •    flood risk management
        •    assets mapping
        •    rapid mapping
        •    damage assessment
        •    crisis management tools
        •    reconstruction planning
    Risk Management requires a precise knowledge of the area in which the study of these risks is performed. Memoris involved in the data collection, the establishment of risk mapping and analysis of the areas most subject to certain natural or industrial risks.



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