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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Our internationnal approach

SénégalPresent internationally since 2005, Memoris has implemented projects in engineering geographic (SDI, mapping, database, SIF GIS webportals) in more than 20 countries: Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary ...), Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Maldives ...), Africa (Madagascar, Mauritania, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mali, Congo, Sudan, Guinea, Burundi ...), Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria , Tunisia, Libya) and Latin America (Colombia, Ecuador ...).

Memoris provides services to contractors and international skills around the areas of land use, urban planning (strategic planning, regulatory and operational SNAT, etc ...), administration and security of tenure ( cadastre, address, etc..), environment (resource management, climate change, etc..) Networks (water, energy, roads, etc..).

As part of its export strategy, Memoris strives to develop partnerships on trades in addition to its expertise in engineering and geographic technologies.

International development activities Memoris today represents approximately 25% of Turnover of the company, on multilateral financing (European Union, World Bank, African Development Bank, etc..), Bilateral (French Development Agency , Millennium Challenge Corporation, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, FASEP, EPR, etc.)., or domestic, in the context of project


Urban and Regional Planning

SoudanIn 2007, the urban population has exceeded 50% of the world's population will exceed 60% by 2030. Cities are crucibles of change and future challenges. They must now invest in basic infrastructure, social services (health and education) and cheap housing. To support this process, Memoris offers services in strategic planning and urban development of dedicated tools based on the management of urban geographic information aiming to facilitate the different territorial planning activities and development of cities and territories


The administration and tenure security:

Sri LankaIssues of access to land, food security through the land. Multiple initiatives and investments around the management of land and poverty reduction, sustainable land management and urban growth and agriculture. These projects are funded by the community of bilateral and multilateral donors (MCC, World Bank, African Development Bank, the French Development Agency, DFID ....) and by private operators, particularly in the mining looking to s' ensure the support of local populations. The food crisis of 2008 helped to accelerate investment deep large-scale farming in developing countries: 46.6 million hectares of agricultural land in the world who had been large-scale investments between October 2008 and August 2009. Between 2000 and 2010, Africa alone, or approved transactions under negotiation could rise to 143 million hectares.

Environmental mitigation and adaptation to climate change

African countries need to develop and deploy strategies to adapt to the impacts of climate change. In this perspective Memoris account to provide skills acquisition and processing of geographic data relevant for governments to make decisions knowingly with respect to the integration of climate variability and risk management natural disasters in their development strategies.



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