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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Data Engineering

The Data Engineering Department includes employees with complementary skills throughout the chain of production databases: field surveys, remote sensing and photo interpretation, CAD, GIS integration, processing and data mining, cartography and map ...

Teams are structured in projects and / or activities and have the tools to achieve performance of their work, also supervised by rigorous quality control procedures.

Teams are mobilized:

  • By delegation on our clients' sites to collect and organize data, assess and prepare it for digitization and integration in information systems;
  • Dedicated project team for specific services. Teams and technical resources, including additional local if necessary, are set up specifically and exclusively employees are mobilized on the project;
  • As a center of expertise in bringing together expertise similar to process more specific benefits.

These teams are led by project managers having a responsibility as stated in the production and processing of data but also knowledge of the business concerned.

The team of the department also enjoys the support of software development department of Information Systems Engineering to develop specific tools for production control and project management.

Our expertise and experience cover:

  • The expertise of the CAD systems and GIS
  • Modeling and migration databases
  • The establishment of production chains
  • Digitalization of maps (cadastre, real estate, networks, ...)
  • Photo interpretation and remote sensing
  • Thematic mapping
  • 3D model modeling (BIM, 3D city model, ...)

data engineering 



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